Massage, Reflexology and Baby massage in Bath

Whether you choose to have a Massage, Reflexology session or joining a class to learn how to Massage Your Baby, you can benefit from one of the treatments I offer.

Over the years of being a therapist working closely with an Osteopath, I have noticed the importance of positive touch.

It may ‘Fix it,’ ‘Calm it,’ ‘Maintain it’. But most of all, positive touch gives you an understanding of yourself.

My aim is to provide effective yet sensitive support through massage or reflexology.

I work in partnership to which enables you to gain greater benefits from the treatments.

This partnership, supports you to maintain your wellbeing to your optimum level.

Holistic Massage in Bath

Holistic massage is a personalised treatment designed specifically for you. It is tailored to address you particular concerns.
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Reflexology in Bath

Reflexology is based on relaxing movements on the feet with gentle pressure on particular points corresponding with different areas of the body. It can work alongside allopathic healthcare to promote better health.
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Baby Massage Classes in Bath

This is a way to express love, care and respect through positive touch. Massage might also help with common problems babies may face.
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