About Ros Cooper

My name is Ros Cooper and my wellbeing practice is in Bath.

I am committed to providing effective yet sensitive complementary treatments that can benefit you.

My training

I studied Reflexology in London in 2001 and have enjoyed practicing ever since in a variety of establishments. In 2004 
I studied Indian Champissage at the London Centre of Indian Champissage International with Narendra Mehta the founder of the therapy.

I continued to practice both therapies and in 2008 I decided to complete a holistic massage and bodywork Diploma with the Bristol College of Massage and Boodywork (BCMB) . I love working with both of these therapies.

Branching out to Baby Massage

In the last 2 years I have qualified to teach Baby Massage to parents carers or family members. The nature of the lesson is to feel welcome, relaxed and gain an interest in learning how to massage your baby. You'll really enjoy it.

Care work

My work to date includes provision of services in Dorothy House Hospice, The Royal Free Hospital, London and for Carers support in both Hammersmith, London and Chippenham, Bath.

Why I feel passionate about my work

I enjoy treating clients of all ages and am passionate about facilitating wellbeing and relaxation. This allows the body to flourish and achieve its optimum state of health.

Continual Professional Development

I enjoy learning and developing my skills in massage and reflexology and have studied a variety of continuing professional development courses at the Bristol College of Massage and Boodywork (BCMB). These include:

  • 3D massage sidelying massage
  • Massage for pregnant women

This year I completed level 1 of the Bach flower remedy course and now studying to complete level 2 this year.

Assisting on Diploma training

With my continuing passion for massage, I have been appointed by BCMB to assist in teaching on the professional diploma in holistic massage in Bristol. I look forward to expanding on my own development to teach and to encourage and support students to enjoy the beauty of massage.